Megan Barry-Cotter

Trix Circus Aerial RingI started aerial training with Trix Circus in 2006 just for fun, fitness and to challenge myself with learning new skills after having danced professionally for many years. Straight away I fell in love with being in the circus environment where everyone worked hard and encouraged and helped each other.

With new challenges to rise to every week as I learnt skills in spanish web, aerial ring and silks, I found it difficult at first but very inspiring and was determined to improve. After countless hours of sweat, bruises, burns, calluses, aching muscles and plain hard work, I have just completed my very first 6 months contract as an aerialist onboard a ship for Tui Cruises.

My coaches Rodleigh and Amanda have gone to no end to help me in my journey and are both truly talented, hard working, dedicated and inspirational people who would give anything for their students. I trust them (quite literally) with my life and can't ever thank them enough for helping me achieve what I have and make real of my dream.

Nikki Ogle

Trix circus swinging trapezeI started training at Trix Circus to learn solo swinging trapeze, but the great thing about Trix Circus is I also had the opportunity to learn the flying trapeze and many other disciplines. I worked full time and trained in the evenings until I was ready to pursue full time circus career. My professional circus performances have taken me on tours around Australia and United States of America. I have currently signed a contract for a circus tour in South Africa.

Training at Trix Circus gave me an internationally competitive act and allowed me to be paid to travel.

Jonathan Vetsich

Trix Circus Hammock SilkI have been a dancer all my life and have often dabbled in aerial work. I'm lucky enough to work for a company that hires dancers and uses them as aerialists as well. I was on holidays and knew that I was being considered for some very challenging flying solos at the start of my next contract.

After a recommendation from a friend I went to see Rodleigh at Trix Circus. He coached me over a period of two months and the improvement in my ability and strength was evident. His professionalism, knowledge of the art and steadfast encouragement are surely why after a short period of time I was suddenly capable of so much.

After going back to work and a week of flying training with our company coaches, I had secured one of the two main flying solos and was the understudy for the other. I even managed to be the only person to make it through the week of vigorous flying auditions without a single blister, thanks to great advice from Rodleigh and the groundwork I've done at Trix.

Lara Hilborn

Trix Circus Cloud SwingAfter completing a dance degree at QUT I moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast early 2005 with little awareness on the niche I was about to discover. Years of dancing and gymnastics had left me feeling like when I was doing one I was more geared to the other, yet I never wanted to let one of them go. While still studying, a brief workshop in circus had caught my attention and the trainer recommended if I was keen to learn more there was a school with a very experienced trainer with an outstanding performance reputation, especially on flying trapeze.

Starting off with just one private lesson a week on static trapeze at Trix Circus with Rodleigh I soon found myself adding a group class and some independent training to my weekly schedule. Within a few months that schedule had stretched to 5-6 days a week and included flying trapeze, aerial silks and cloud swing on my list of favourites, basically I was hooked. With the freedom of no competition rules like in gymnastics and the artistic performance element of dance that linked all the acrobatic skills together, finally I felt like I was doing something where I belonged. The experience of my trainers meant they could help identify my strengths so I could make the apparatus suit me.

The last 6 years has seen many bruises, rips, calluses etc. but they have all been worn with pride at the achievement of a new trick. I have always loved that each time I've returned to train at Trix Circus after a contract that the place is still buzzing with students old and new showing off their circus battle scars with such excitement. Yet the support Rodleigh and Amanda give their students is not restricted to the air and I have personally experienced this throughout the year as I completed my first season in Traditional Circus. Working in this wold means that circus is not confined to the ring, it is not a 9-5 job, it is a way of life.

I am thankful that Rodleigh and Amanda have both had such extensive performance experience themselves that they could not only talk me through fixing my tricks from the other end of the phone, but they give the personal advice needed to make sure I could light up the stage night after night.

Craig Litherland

Trix Circus Flying TrapezeI started flying trapeze for fun in 2007 and was recommended by a friend to check out Trix Circus. I enjoy Rodleigh's teaching style and demeanour and have a lot of respect for his background and knowledge on anything circus. I found myself coming to more and more classes progressing with my circus skills.

In 2008 Rodleigh provided me my first professional flying trapeze gig which has led to my continuing circus career. I have now worked professionally as a flying trapeze artist in Australia, Japan and England.

Whenever I am back in Australia I like to go to Trix Circus to train flying trapeze and go to other weekly classes to improve my circus skills and catch up with friends.

Lara Caitlin Nilon-Pobjoy

Growing up as an elite gymnast and competitive acrobat I had a strict regime of training and exercise. After retiring I started to re-evaluate my dreams and the passion that I wanted to pursue, which was to become a professional circus performer.

I first started training at Trix Circus in 2004, where I further developed my skills, technique and artistic abilities in a variety of disciplines. My primary focus was aerial work and flying, however I still learned ground acts of handstands, contortion and russian bar. The knowledge and expertise that Rodleigh Stevens had to offer helped me improve my potential in this industry. After many years of bruises, calluses and scars, I started performing at corporate events and functions and acquired my first taste of the circus way of life. I have now worked with Circus Royale for the past 3 years in conjunction with two other circuses and am now working with Eronis Circus in Melbourne.

My motto has always been that dreams and goals can only be achieved if you believe you can achieve them, Trix Circus helped me to achieve all of my wildest dreams and then some. I am ever so grateful to Rodleigh Stevens and the staff that work at Trix Circus, their experience, professionalism and their ability to provide a fun and learning environment will transend through me for many years to come!

Lena Grzegolec

Trix Circus aerial silksI started training at Trix Circus with Rodleigh Stevens as my coach in 2005. I was most impressed by the vast knowledge and direction of coaching that was given and well received. I will forever be grateful for the amount of room to grow as an individual artist. It was such a refreshing experience being taught tricks and skills of high standard but also encouraged to find your own style in doing so, which is such a key element in this industry.

Circus is a creative way to keep in shape and is a fun career that can take you as far as you are willing to go. Trix is more than able to get you there with their dedication and support. Trix gave me such a great start to my now thriving aerial and circus career.

Jason Fergusson

I spent my teen years competing in sports acrobatics and was introduced to Rodleigh during my last year of competition. He helped me and my partner polish some skills we were working on and at the same time encouraged me to try some different circus disciplines. I found so much pleasure in training the new disciplines I was discovering, that when I realised I could have a career in circus my mind became focused and my goals became clear. The encouragement I received from Rodleigh during those formative training years pushed me to become the international performer I am today.

The Crackup Sisters

We perform whip cracking, slapstick comedy with a splash of aerial across rural, remote and even big cities in Australia. Our work is comedy and narrative driven, Rodleigh is FANTASTIC at working with us to help create the comedy and mayhem in our movement.

We often need to learn skills fast and Rodleigh is able to work with us to achieve this. His breadth of expertise in performing, educating and viewing entertainment across the world means his training and teaching methods are direct, simple and goal orientated.

Trix Circus are also our supplier of aerial apparatus. We are thankful for the time and thought put into each piece and the workmanship is always perfect. Our gear lasts for years with little wear or worry.

Thanks for being a wonderful and truly accommodating training facility Trix Circus. We look forward to working with you for many more years sharing laughs, hugs and threats of slaps!