How long does it take to receive my equipment after I have placed an order?
All our equipment is custom made to order, please allow between 5-10 working days for the manufacturing process. Manufacturing only commences after we have received a full payment for your order.
Most equipment is sent by Australia Post, delivery times differ based on where you are in Australia (generally between 2-5 working days, but WA may take longer).

Do you ship overseas?
Yes we do, we will send you a quote for shipping cost. This may be quite high for some equipment and some countries, especially for the heavier and larger pieces.

Can I place a 'rush order" if I need equipment at short notice?
Yes, this is possible at extra cost, however some equipment may not be available at short notice. Please contact us to find out if we can speed up your order.


Do you make custom sizes/lenghts/colours?
Yes, we can adjust most equipment to different lengths/sizes/colours as we manufacture everything to order. However this may not be possible for all of our equipment. Contact us if you have a specific request.


How do I choose the right silks length?
The length of our aerial silks is already doubled up, this means the length given is to match the ceiling height (for example 8m silks means 16m of material doubled up, therefore suitable for an 8m ceiling height). Generally you want your aerial silks to match the ceiling height as closely as possible, however some students/performers prefer to have some tail on the ground for easier wrapping at lower heights. It is recommended to have maximum of 1m tail, as any longer will get tangled up and make your training harder.

What rigging equipment do I need for my new silks?
Our aerial silks arrive ready to use with a delta maillon attachment. You might however need to purchase a swivel (for spinning), carabiner and a sling if you need to rig from a beam. We have created a silks rigging set, you can buy all of the above with one click.

Do I need to buy a figure 8 silks separator with my silks?
No, you don't need it, your silks arrive with a delta maillon attachment and are ready to use. Figure 8 silk separators are useful for routines where you need to separate your silks quickly.


Hollow ring or solid ring?
This is very much a personal preference. Here are some useful information about each option:
  • Hollow ring is a slightly thicker bar (25mm) stainless steel bar, making the apparatus somewhat less painful to use. It is light, ideal for traveling, however it can be difficult to use for some drops, as it will 'fling' away from you. Hollow rings also won't spin for very long.
  • Solid rings are a thinner bar (22mm) stainless steel bar, therefore a little bit more painful to use. It is preferred by a lot of professional performers as it will spin much longer. It is also strong enough to support two performers, suitable for duo lyra acts.
Single point or double point lyra?
Once again this is a personal preference. Majority of performers choose single point rings, but each of the two options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What rigging equipment do I need for my lyra?
At the least you will need a swivel and a carabiner. If you are rigging from a beam you might also need a sling to create a rigging point. If you need to lower the ring you will need another sling with 2x maillons or an aerial ring rope. We have created a full aerial ring set for you, you can now buy all the necessary bits and pieces with one click.